Thank you for choosing Flaxpits Lane Dental Practice. To ensure that you get the most out of your visit we would be very grateful if you could read the following information. This will tell you a bit about us and what to expect before, during and after your visit to our practice. If you require any further information please search our website or ask any of our team.

Before your visit

Booking an appointment 
Please call 01454 774 207, email us or pop into reception to book. We will always try to offer you an appointment at a convenient time but please be aware that appointments early and late in the day can often be fully booked many weeks ahead.

Your medical history
We will ask you to complete and sign a medical history form before your first appointment with us. You are then required to update and sign this every 12 months or sooner if you have had any significant changes to your health. If you do not already have one we will provide one for you when you arrive.

Additional support
Please let us know if you will need any additional help when you visit us. For example if you have visual problems or if you would like us to arrange any communication support such as an interpreter or sign language. Please also let us know if you have any mobility problems as our practice is on the first floor. If your mobility will prevent you from using stairs please call NHS 111 who can provide information on alternative services for disabled patients.

If you do not pay for NHS dentistry, please bring proof of your exemption with you. More information on exemptions can be found here. 

If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. We ask for a minimum notice period of 24 hours so that we have time to offer the appointment to someone else. Missed appointments waste NHS resources and can result in other patients waiting longer than necessary for treatment. If you miss two appointments without sufficient notice, we may not be able to complete your treatment or offer you NHS care in the future.

We will send you an email five days before your appointment and a text two days before. Whilst these reminders are designed to help you, please remember that it is still your responsibility to attend your next appointment.

Urgent treatment
Urgent treatment means treatment that the dentist considers necessary to relieve severe pain or to prevent your oral condition deteriorating before you can make a normal appointment. We reserve time between 12.30 and 1.00pm during our normal working hours for patients who need urgent treatment and will always try to fit you in at other times of the if this is not convenient. If you think you need urgent treatment call us on 01454 774 207.

Out of hours treatment
If you need urgent treatment outside of our opening hours you can contact 111. This service is open 24 hours every day.

During your visit

On arrival
Our reception team will check you in and help you with any paperwork. At the start of each course of treatment you will be asked to complete a blue NHS form and, at least once every year, to update your medical history form.

Your details
Please tell us if any of your personal details have changed so that we can update our records. To receive reminders please make sure we have your mobile number and email address.

Your appointment
Please let your dentist know if you have any specific concerns about your teeth. You will receive a thorough examination of your mouth and advice on how to best look after your gums and teeth. Then your dentist will discuss any treatment options you may require or when you will need another check up.

Treatment Plan
If you do require further treatment then you will receive a written treatment plan, including costs, which you will be required to sign before we can proceed with the treatment.

You are required to pay for all treatment received on the day. If you do need to return for further treatment then we may ask you to pay for the treatment before we book the necessary appointments.

At the end of your course of treatment, your dentist will follow NICE guidelines to decide when you need to see a dentist again. We would always advise you to book your next check up at the end of your previous course of treatment. If you do not have an appointment booked we will send you an email reminder email three months and one month before you are due a check up.

We take confidentiality very seriously and can assure you that any information you give us will remain confidential and secure. We will not release information held about you to anyone else, other than to the NHS, without first gaining your consent. Further information about our confidentiality policy is available here.

Code of conduct
The practice prides itself in treating all patients equally, politely and with respect. We ask that you treat our staff and other patients the same way. We will not tolerate harassment, violence, abuse, offensive language or other inappropriate behavior towards our team or other patients. Please be aware that we operate a no smoking policy anywhere in the building, including the use of electronic cigarettes. Anyone who does not behave appropriately will be asked to leave and may not receive care in the future.

After your visit

Follow your dentist’s advice
As a practice we believe that prevention is better than cure. Please follow the advice given by your dentist to look after your teeth in between visits. Remember you are responsible for the health of your mouth and gums. The better you look after them then the less often you will need to visit us!

Involving you
We are always looking for ways to improve the service that we deliver and we would like to hear your views about any aspect of the work we do and the services we provide. By letting us know what you think you can become more involved in how we deliver our services in the future.

Recommend us! If you are happy with the treatment and service that you have received then why not recommend us to friends and family. We are always happy to accept new patients.

Tell us! If you have any comments please inform a let us know. You can write to us, complete an feedback form online or in the waiting room, call us on 01454 774 207 or email We also carry out regular patient surveys which can be found in the waiting room.

Friends and Family Test. The NHS has launched a new feedback system for users of all NHS services. This takes the form of a simple anonymous form which can be found in our waiting room.

NHS Choices A really good source of information about all aspects of the NHS. A great place to see what other people think of the services they use and a chance to add your own comments.

Complaints. If in the unlikely event that you have had a bad experience we would like to hear from you. We take complaints very seriously and will always do our best to rapidly resolve them and learn from them. If you are not happy with the service or treatment that you receive from us please let us know as soon as possible. The complaints manager is John Barnes who can be contacted using the details on the back of this leaflet. Our complaints procedure can be found here or in the patient information folder in the waiting room.

If you wish to make a complaint outside of the practice there is a wide range of helpful information available online at NHS Choices.

You can also contact NHS England on 0300 311 22 33, The General Dental Council 0845 222 4141 or the Dental Complaints Service for private treatment 08456 120 540.

If you have a concern not a complaint please contact the Care Quality Commission on 0300 061 6161.