Private Fees

Please note that anyone on a private care plan will receive a 10% discount from our usual private prices

TreatmentPrice10% Discount
Check Ups
New Patient (includes X-rays)£55.00£49.50
Panoral X-rays£20.00£18.00
Small X-rays£7.00£6.30
Scale and polish£38.00£34.20
Routine from£60.00£54.00
Amalgam fillings from£40.00£36.00
White composite fillings from£55.00£49.50
Root fillings premolars from£195.00£175.50
Root fillings molars from£245.00£220.50
Porcelain bonded precious metal£365.00£328.50
Gold (from)£395.00£355.50
Cast post and core precious metal£120.00£108.00
Porcelain Veneers
Single tooth£245.00£220.50
Two teeth£445.00£400.50
Three teeth£645.00£580.50
Four teeth£845.00£760.50
Bonded porcelain precious metal
Two units£560.00£504.00
Three units£780.00£702.00
Four units£975.00£877.50
Maryland two units£350.00£315.00
Private Acrylic
Upper and Lower full dentures£395.00£355.50
Upper or Lower full dentures£295.00£265.50
1-3 teeth£245.00£220.50
4-8 teeth£275.00£247.50
9-13 teeth£295.00£265.50
Private Metal
Upper and Lower full dentures£995.00£895.50
Upper or Lower full dentures£575.00£517.50
1-3 teeth£525.00£472.50
4-8 teeth£550.00£495.00
9-13 teeth£595.00£535.50
Premium Acrylic
Upper and Lower full dentures£695.00£625.50
Upper or Lower full dentures£445.00£400.50
1-3 teeth£285.00£256.50
4-8 teeth£345.00£310.50
9-13 teeth£425.00£382.50
Premium Metal
Upper and Lower full dentures£1,195.00£1,075.50
Upper or Lower full dentures£650.00£585.00
1-3 teeth£575.00£517.50
4-8 teeth£625.00£562.50
9-13 teeth£695.00£625.50
Home Bleaching
Upper and lower teeth£295.00£265.50
Upper or lower teeth£175.00£157.50
Extra Bleach capsule£10.00£9.00
Sports Mouthguards from£60.00£54.00
Soft night guard£75.00£67.50
Removable orthodontic retainer£75.00£67.50
Fixed orthodontic retainer£195.00£175.50