MAY 2013

Thanks to everyone who has helped us by completing our patient survey. The results from the 100 participants were really encouraging and it is great to know that we are doing all we can to provide a great level of service and care to our patients. If you have any further feedback to give us please use our online feedback form.

Your appointments
Did you find it easy to book an appointment? Y98 N0
Did you have to wait long to get any appointment that suits you? Y3 N93
What times of the day would you like to see more appointments available? Early mornings 32 Evenings 37 Weekends 22
Would you like to be able to book appointments online? Y50 N 38

When you telephone the practice is your call
Answered swiftly? Always 96 Sometimes 3 Never 0
Answered politely and courteously? Always 95 Sometimes 0 Never 0
Dealt with in a satisfactory manor? Always 95 Sometimes 0 Never 0

Your treatment
Does your dentist normally see you at your appointed time? Y 93 N 8
If not, are you informed by our staff that your dentist may be running late? Y 64 N 6
Are there visible signs giving information of the NHS cost of dental treatment? Y 91 N 10
Are your treatment options made clear to you by your dentist? Y 94 N 0
Do you understand the difference between Band 1, 2 or 3 treatment? Y 77 N 19
Does your dentist give you enough time to consider the options for your treatment? Y 91 N 2
Do you feel able to ask questions? Y 96 N 0
Does your dentist listen to you? Y 93 N 0
Do you feel the length of your appointments are sufficient to meet your needs? Y 95 N 0
Is your overall satisfaction with the dentist? Excellent 74 Very good 19 Fair 0 Unsatisfactory 0
Is your overall satisfaction with the nurse? Excellent 72 Very good 27 Fair 0 Unsatisfactory 0
How would you rate our services? Excellent 75 Very good 18 Fair 0 Unsatisfactory 0

Have you ever wanted to complain about any aspect of our service? Y 0 N 100
Are there visible signs giving information on how to make a complaint? Y 69 N 13

What would you suggest to improve our service?
Later appointments please
Online facilities to check booking or email confirmation to refer to would be great.
Stop Louise, Jean and Susie from ever retiring!
I think the stair may be difficult for elder people.
You have always been excellent which I why I came back despite living on the other side of town.
None – I have been coming here for years and the service is very friendly and I never feel uncomfortable.
Very happy with service
First appointment with Mr Lloyds replacement Julie and very pleased indeed.
Elderly patients may find the stairs a challenge.
Service was fantastic! whist going to the dentist is never gong to be an exciting prospect, Julie handled my needs with an exceptional level of service and care
Very good – little or no improvement needs to be made
We are happy
More Hello magazines to read please!
Early evening appointments would be helpful.
I am totally satisfied