Our Fees

Our private treatment fees are listed below.

NHS prices can be found here.

Orthodontic (braces) prices can be found here.

Routine check up£38
New Patient check up£55
Scale and polish (dentist)£38
Deep clean hygienist£59
Extractions from£92
Amalgam fillings from£85
White fillings from£105
Root Fillings from£150
Crowns from£650
Cast post and core precious metal£240
Porcelain veneers per tooth£350
Acrylic dentures£450
Metal dentures£995
Premium acrylic dentures£695
Premium metal dentures£1,195
Bridges - Bonded porcelain precious metal£650
Bridge - Maryland£375
Bridge re-cement£20
Tooth whitening upper and lower£295
Tooth whitening single arch£175
Additional whitening bleach£20
Sports Mouthguard£120
Splint night guard£350
Removable orthodontic retainer£110
Fixed orthodontic retainer£160
Implants - first discussionFREE
Implants consultation£85
Implants per tooth from£2,500