Orthodontic Prices

TreatmentTotal priceAssessmentFittingAdjustment cost
(every 6 weeks)
Final payment
(based on 8 adjustments)
Adult sectional fixed braces£1295£100£350£80£205
Adult’s single arch fixed braces£1895£100£450£100£645
Adult’s upper and lower fixed braces £2795£100£450£120£1285
Adult single arch Clarity braces£2195£100£600£120£535
Adult upper and lower arch Clarity braces£3295£100£600£140£1475
Adult single arch lingual braces£2995£100£750£140£1025
Adult upper and lower arch lingual braces£3995£100£750£160£1865
Invisalign i7 (minor)£1800£150£495£115
Invisalign Lite
Invisalign Full
Children’s upper and lower fixed braces£1850£100£450£100£500
Children’s single arch fixed braces: £1430£100£350£80£340