July 2014

Thanks to everyone who has helped us by completing our patient survey. The results were really encouraging and it is great to know that we are doing all we can to provide a great level of service and care to our patients. If you have any further feedback to give us please use our online feedback form.

How did you receive a reminder about your appointment? Y
Text 53
Phone 7
Email 19

Are you aware of our policy on missed appointments?
Y 42
N 32

On arrival at the practice were you dealt with promptly and professionally?
Y 84
N 0

Were you made to feel welcome?
Y 84
N 0

Was the reception and waiting area clean and tidy?
Y 86
N 0

After your appointment were you offered a chance to book your next check up?
Y 70
N 4

If you needed treatment were you given a written treatment plan?
Y 42
N 12

Would you be interested in more information about:
Caring for your teeth? 37
Treatments that are available? 34
Cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening and orthodontics (braces)? 14

Did you see any information about NHS patient charges for at the surgery?
Y 74
N 14

Do you understand the NHS charges?
Y 86
N 0

Do you know how to make a complaint?
Y 70
N 21

Are you aware that we can currently accept new NHS patients?
Y 78
N 10

Would you recommend us to friends and family?
Y 88
N 0

How well does your dentist listen to you?
Very well 73
Well 10
Not very well 0

How well does your dentist put you at ease?
Very well 74
Well 9
Not very well 0

How much does your dentist involve you in decisions?
Very well 81
Well 6
Not very well 0

How well does your dentist explain your problems or treatment?
Very well 75
Well 10
Not very well 0

Comments from our patients
Ability to book appointments online
I am very pleased with this service
Any chance of a stairlift
I am more than happy with all aspects of the treatment I receive
A lot of improvements made in the past year which are working well
Good friendly people – very satisfied!
Nothing – great surgery and service. Best dentist – thank you!