January 2015

Thanks to everyone who has helped us by completing our patient survey. The results were really encouraging and it is great to know that we are doing all we can to provide a great level of service and care to our patients. If you have any further feedback to give us please use our online feedback form.

About the practice
Do you feel that the practice team is knowledgeable and are able to answer any questions that you may have regarding your treatment?
Yes 97
No 0

Were you greeted in a friendly manner and made to feel comfortable on arrival?
Y 96
N 1

Do you find the practice to be clean and tidy?
Yes 97
No 0

Do you find the surgeries clean, tidy and free from clutter?
Yes 97
No 0

Are you happy that the practice takes infection control seriously?
Yes 97
No 0

Do clinical staff always wear gloves, masks & glasses when treatment you?
Yes 97
No 0

Are you always provided with glasses and a bib to wear during treatment?
Yes 97
No 0

About your dentist
Do you trust your dentist?
Yes 84
No 0

How well does your dentist listen to you?
Very well 80
Well 9
Not very well 0

How well does your dentist put you at ease?
Very well 75
Well 11
Not very well 0

How much does your dentist involve you in decisions about treatment?
A lot 78
A little 5
Not very much 0

Would you like your dentist to be able to spend more time with you?
Y 15
N 60

Your appointments
Have you missed an appointment in the past 12 months?
Y 14
N 85

Are you aware of our policy on missed appointments?
Y 63
N 36

Would you be interested in evening and/or weekend appointments?
Y 45
N 50

Have you ever visited our website?
Y 11
N 82

Would you like to see more information available on our website?
Y 11
N 67

Would you like to be able to book appointments through our website?
Y 32
N 57

NHS and Charges
Did you see any information about NHS patient charges at the surgery?
Y 70
N 19

Do you understand the NHS charges?
Y 73
N 17

Would you like more information on NHS charges?
Y 14
N 74

Are you aware that we are currently accepting new NHS patients?
Y 59
N 41

Would you recommend us to friends and family?
Y 91
N 0