Dec 2013

Thanks to everyone who has helped us by completing our patient survey. The results were really encouraging and it is great to know that we are doing all we can to provide a great level of service and care to our patients. If you have any further feedback to give us please use our online feedback form.

Your Dentist
Does your dentist normally see you at your appointed time?
Y 97
N 0

Are your treatment options made clear to you by your dentist?
Y 97
N 0

Does your dentist give you enough time to consider the options for your treatment?
N 0

Are your treatment charges made clear to you by your dentist?
Y 97
N 0

Do you feel able to ask questions?
Y 97
N 0

Does your dentist listen to you?
Y 95
N 0

Is your overall satisfaction with the dentist?
Excellent 76
Very good 22
Fair 1
Unsatisfactory 1

Has our computerised appointment system improved the service that you receive?
Y 70
N 11

Are you offered appointments at a time to suit you?
Always 88
Sometimes 7
Never 0

Are you aware we offer appointment and/or 3/6/12 monthly recall reminders?

Would you like to receive appointment reminders by:
Text 45
Email 26
Letter 8
Phone 18
Not at all 11

Would you like to receive recall reminders by:
Text 42
Email 26
Letter 12
Phone 23
Not at all 12

How would you most like to book your appointments?
Online 15
Phone 30
Letter 1
Text 1
In person 23

We now have a Short Notice List which can inform you when an appointment becomes available due to a cancelation. Would you be interested in using this service to bring an appointment forward?

Your visit to the practice
Do you always find the practice to be clean and tidy?

Is the decor satisfactory?

Do you feel confident about the quality of treatment at our practice?

Were you made to feel welcome during your visit to us?

What would you suggest to improve our service?
More magazine choice.
It would be useful to have suggestions about longer term dental care rather than the simple check up and work to be done. I’d like to improve the colour of my teeth for example.
None – everything is excellent.
Just send reminder appointments 6 monthly
Service can’t be any better
Stop making patients fill out absurd forms
Always excellent service from all staff – Thank you!