DEC 2012

Patient survey results

Thanks to everyone who has helped us by completing our patient survey. The results were really encouraging and it is great to know that we are doing all we can to provide a great level of service and care to our patients. If you have any further feedback to give us please use our online feedback form.

The more appointments are missed, the longer our patients have to wait for an appointment. We are trying to find ways to help reduce missed appointments and waiting times.
Is it easy to book an appointment?
Y115 N2
Would you like to be able to book appointments:
By text 29
By email 35
Online 61

Have you missed an appointment in the past year?
Y14 N 112
If so could you tell us why?
Forgot x 9
overslept x 1

Would you like reminders for appointments
Y94 N21
How would you like to be reminded:
By text 63
By email 27
By phone 38

Are you happy for us to leave reminder messages on your answer machine or voicemail?
Y90 N11

Do you find the practice to be clean and tidy?
Y 117 N 0
Do you find the surgeries clean, tidy and free from clutter?
Y 117 N 0
Are you happy that the practice takes infection control seriously?
Y 115 N 0
Do the clinical staff always wear gloves, masks and glasses when providing treatment?
Y 115 N 0
Are you always provided with glasses and a bib to wear during treatment?
Y 113 N 0

Data protection
Do you feel that we keep your personal information safe and secure?
Y 114 N 0
Are you aware that you have the right to see your dental records?
Y 81 N 35

Would you like to see more information in the practice about…
Private dentistry
Y 16 N 75
Promoting better dental hygiene
Y 53 N 37
Treatments available
Y 76 N 35
Y 65 N 27
Caring for children’s teeth
Y 48 N 61
Mouth cancer
Y 72 N 24

Practice website
Have you ever visited our website?
Y 11 N 99
If so did you find it useful?
Y 11 N 0
Would you like to see more information available on our website?
Y 13 N 13
Do you have any other comments about our website?

Your visit with us
Do you feel that the practice a safe environment in which to provide your care and treatment?
Y 113
Do you feel the practice team is knowledgeable and are able to answer any questions that you may have regarding your treatment?
Y 112
Do you feel that you are involved in planning your dental care?
Y 107 N 2
Upon arrival were you greeted in a friendly manner and made to feel comfortable? 
Y 115
Do you feel that your dentist listens to you and takes you concerns into consideration?
Y 115
Do you trust your dentist? 
Y 115

Can you think of any thing that we can do to help improve the service that you receive at our practice?

  • txt reminders would be good.
  • Nothing I can think of, I am pleased with the service you provide.
  • None! this practice is excellent all staff are very pleasant.
  • Tea, Coffee, TV and cupcakes
  • Very good
  • I consider the service I receive to be excellent!
  • The service works fine and the staff are helpful
  • Try to reduce the time for emergency treatment as this is the time when patients require the the dentist quickly. Check ups etc are non urgent and can be moved
  • No – it is very good already
  • You are all doing a brilliant job. Very happy to be here.
  • No – it’s a great practice and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • I would like check up reminders by text please
  • Water machine – I realise space may be an issue
  • Putting records on computer the quicker service when phoning up
  • Information about new products and treatment
  • Service is always exceptional, nothing is too much trouble, Thank You!
  • Being able to book appointments more in advance.
  • Nope, really friendly team and happy to be here
  • No, it’s all very good and helpful
  • Very good and prompt service
  • Yes – install a stair lift
  • Very happy
  • More info on pricing and what a check up involves
  • I’m very happy with the service and care that I receive at the practice, well done.
  • Drinks, more mags for men